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Your Guide to American Coins and Coin Collecting
Friday February 15, 2019

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Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are marvelous tools for finding all kinds of treasure. But like any tool, the skill and knowledge of the operator are key elements in the success of any treasure hunt. The proper techniques for operating your metal detector can be found with the operating instructions that came with your unit at purchase. Follow these instructions with patience and you will be up to the task of treasure hunting. But where to search?

Your hometown should offer some fairly obvious places to try out your metal detector - fields where people congregate and areas of heavy traffic flow where numbers of people pass by regularly. But finding anything significant and understanding the significance of any items you find with your metal detector will require a knowledge of your local history.

Most American towns and cities have changed significantly over time. By locating and properly reading old maps you have a much better chance of discovering valuable local sites that history has passed by. These may include old railroad stations or industrial sites now enveloped in woods or the site of previous habitations - from pioneer cabins to industrial or mining age ghost towns.

Your local library should be a valuable resource in discovering your local history. Historical and genealogical societies may also be able to provide information that can be of use when metal detecting.

Of course, you must always observe your local laws when treasuring hunting with your metal detector. Some areas such as school grounds or public parks may be restricted. When using metal detectors on privately owned ground, be sure to get permission from the property owner.

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